May 17, 2022

Being a Dad goes beyond being the sperm donor or a father. You need to be a lot of things rolled in one for your kid; a friend, brother, confidant, mentor, role model, teacher, drinking buddy (when your kid is old enough), coach (for those who play sports), etc. My Dad was and is still all these to me.
Having kids has made me understand why my Dad did all the things he did for me. Protecting me, imparting knowledge, listening, solving complex problems, making sure there was food on the table, ensuring my siblings and I had the best education, etc.

My relationship with my Dad has been the main thing challenging me to be a good Dad. I have always looked up to him and he is my best friend. We discuss diverse things like politics, relationships, finances, science, life, sports, etc.

I strive everyday to build this type of relationship with my sons, where they are not scared to discuss anything with me and be who they want to be.

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